Here are some tips on how to survive without disposable shopping bags:

  • Keep a few reusable bags, in your back pack, pocket or purse for unplanned shopping trips
    Don’t forget to tuck a reusable bag or two in your pocket, purse, briefcase or bag.  If you usually drive to the store, keep a stash of bags or bins in your car.  When you’re finished unloading your purchases, hang your bags on the doorknob or put them back in your car, pocket or backpack for the next time.
  • Ask your kids or partner to remind you to bring  your bags
  • Wash your bags regularly
    Washing bags by machine or hand eliminates bacteria.
  • Refuse single-use retail bags at the check-out
    Do you really need a bag?  Can you carry your purchases in your arms, your pockets or your backpack?  Often we take a bag out of habit when we don’t need it, especially for small purchases—think twice before carrying your purchases out of the store in a disposable bag.
  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce
    By composting, reducing, reusing and recycling, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste your household produces.  If you have less garbage to throw out, you need fewer bags or containers to hold it. 
  • Use a garbage can or reusable container
    Once you divert compostable materials from your garbage, do you still need a garbage bag to contain it, or can your waste be placed directly in a garbage bin? 
  • Line your bin with newspaper
    Lining your bin with a few sheets of newspaper can help keep it clean.
  • Reuse produce bags and packaging to clean up after your dog
    Try reusing the bags that once held your potato chips, crackers, pharmaceuticals or produce to clean up after your dog.

Did you know the average NWT household uses more than 600 bags each year?!  Let's help keep our communities clean - start a bag habit today!