Shredding Tires into Tire Derived Aggregate for Reuse

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Tires at the Hay River Landfill

Who:       Town of Fort Smith, Town of Hay River and City of Yellowknife

Where:    Fort Smith, Hay River and Yellowknife

What:      The Town of Hay River, Town of Fort Smith and City of Yellowknife have collaborated to rent an industrial shredder to shred tires into Tire Derived Aggregate. Shredded tires can be converted from a bulky waste material into a shredded product useful for other local applications. Tire Derived Aggregate can be reused in civil engineering applications such as road construction, insulating backfill for building foundations and as fill for retaining walls.  This project will result in 105,000-140,000 stockpiled tires from Fort Smith, Hay River and Yellowknife being shredded into Tire Derived Aggregate. Unfortunately, due to a mechanical error, Fort Smith and Hay River were not able to complete the project as anticipated. All the tires at the Yellowknife Landfill have been shredded. Fort Smith and Hay River expect to have shred all the tires by the end of 2014, weather permitting.

Target Material: Tires

WRRI Contribution: $25,000.00