Repurposing Discarded Clothing Training Project

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Repurposed Clothing

Who:       Hay River Committee for Persons with Disabilities

Where:    Hay River

What:      The Hay River Committee for Persons with Disabilities is training clients to repurpose discarded clothing into sewing and craft supplies for sale at the local Fall Fair and winter markets. Participants are excited to transform this discarded clothing into quilts, carpets, handbags and crafts galore! While waiting for additional equipment to arrive, the initial stages of the project have been spent cleaning, sorting and deconstructing the clothing. It has proved to be a highly educational experience and participants have gained valuable skills. Participants are learning how to make clothing by deconstructing it and are gaining computer experience by exploring new project ideas online.

Target Material: Discarded Clothing

WRRI Contribution: $10,000.00