Annual Reports

Since the program began in 2005, over 160 million beverage containers have been returned to community depots.  The rate of return for this program is averaging at 84% which is one of the highest in the country!  For more information on the progress of the BCP, check out our annual reports:

Beverage Container Program Review

In 2011, after five years of operation and with the intent of maintaining the program's success, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) commissioned a review of the NWT Beverage Container Program.  The complete report and a summary of the report (which includes ENR's responses to report's recommendations) are available below.

Electronics Recycling

In 2012 an Inventory and Feasibility Assessment of Electronics Waste Recovery in the Northwest Territories was completed to estimate the quantity of electronics accumulating in the NWT, the quantity generated on an annual basis and the feasibility of an electronics recycling program.  

ENR conducted a survey of household electronic products during the spring of 2012 to inform part of the Inventory and Feasibility Assessment.  ENR thanks all residents who participated in the survey.  

Waste Audit at Scotia Centre

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources' (ENR) Green Team conducted an internal waste audit in order to collect baseline information on ENR‟s ecological footprint. The audit results (by weight) found that the diverted waste stream consisted of 70% of the total waste collected and the discarded stream consisted of 30%. More results are available in the report.