Process and Remove White Goods and Scrap Steel

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Who:       Town of Hay River

Where:    Hay River

What:      The Town of Hay River decommissioned and safely removed 200-300 refrigerators and freezers (otherwise known as white goods), and 300 tonnes of scrap steel from the Hay River landfill.  The refrigerant from the white goods was properly removed and disposed of, prior to crushing the appliances for recycling.  This is an important step as refrigerant is an ozone-depleting substance. The white goods and scrap steel were sent to a scrap metal recycler for processing. From August to October 2014, the Town of Hay River processed 300 tons of white goods and scrap steel from the landfill.

Target Materials: White Goods and Scrap Steel

WRRI Contribution: $25,000.00