GNWT Adds Milk Containers to the Beverage Container Program

February 15, 2010

YELLOWKNIFE (February 15, 2010) - Beginning today, milk containers are now part of the NWT Beverage Container Program. The initiative is part of the Government of the Northwest Territories’ (GNWT) Waste Reduction and Recovery Program Expansion.

"I am pleased to see our Territory take this next step in expanding our environmental stewardship", Minister of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) J. Michael Miltenberger says. "With the continued participation of NWT residents, the addition of milk containers to the Beverage Container Program will work to keep our communities and highways litter free and reduce the waste that is added to our landfills."

All milk and liquid milk products, including milk jugs, milk and milk substitute cartons, yogurt drink bottles, condensed or evaporated milk cans, UHT boxes, and creamer bottles will be accepted at all NWT bottle depots. Infant formula and milk and liquid milk products in containers less than 30 mL are not part of the program. Money raised through the Beverage Container Program goes into ENR's Environment Fund, which is used to cover program expenses and improve waste reduction and recovery programs.

Bottle depots will refuse to accept containers if they have a strong odour, or are not rinsed properly. NWT residents are reminded to ensure milk containers are thoroughly washed for sanitary reasons.

The Waste Reduction and Recovery Program is part of the GNWT's Managing This Land strategic initiative introduced to support the 16th Assembly's goal to realize an environment that will sustain present and future generations.

For more information, visit or contact:

Andrew Matthews
Communications Officer
Office of the Press Secretary
Premier and Executive Council
(867) 669-2302

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