Drop and Go service now in Yellowknife and Hay River!

August 21, 2015

Drop and Go

Drop and Go was developed to make your visit to the bottle depot quick and effortless. After you register for an account you can simply drop your beverage containers at the depot and go!

How to use Drop and Go

1. Make an Account

To get started, create a Drop and Go account by registering at the Yellowknife or Hay River Beverage Container Depot. Ask the depot operator how to register for an account.

2. Drop and Go

At the Yellowknife or Hay River Beverage Container Depot, visit the Drop and Go kiosk to sign into your account. Follow the instructions to print labels. Attach one (1) label to each bag or box of beverage containers. Drop off your beverage containers for later processing, and go!

3. Collect Your Cash

You will receive an email within five (5) business days confirming that your beverage containers have been counted and your refund has been credited to your account. Visit your Beverage Container Depot to collect your refund at a time that works for you. 


Drop and Go Service Privacy Policy

Drop and Go Service Terms and Conditions