Electronics Recycling Pilot Project Begins in Four NWT Communities

October 7, 2013

An electronic waste recycling pilot project was started in September 2013 in the following four communities:  Fort McPherson; Norman Wells; Fort Smith; and, Fort Providence. The pilot project is helping create an NWT electronics recycling program.

The electronics pilot project allows ENR to collect and properly manage electronics building up in homes across the NWT, and keep them out of landfills.  The project helps ENR gain the knowledge and experience needed to develop a territory-wide electronics recycling program.

How does the pilot project work?

Residents in participating communities bring electronics to their local bottle depot for collection and secure storage. There is no charge to drop off items and no refund for electronic items.  Currently there is no deposit on electronic items in the NWT.  This is a pilot project to see how an electronics recycling program could work in the NWT. 

Where do electronics go?

Electronics collected through the pilot project are shipped to a processor registered under Alberta's electronics recycling program. Registered processors must meet requirements in environmental management, occupational health and safety, operations, downstream processors and transportation.

Protect your personal information

Before dropping off your unwanted electronics at a collection site for recycling, extra precautions should be taken to remove any personal information that might be stored in your computer.

What should I do with my electronics if my community is not participating in the pilot project?

ENR is working to create an NWT-wide electronics recycling program. In the meantime, options for electronics recycling include:

  • Some municipal and community governments are collecting electronics at the landfill for recycling. Check at you local landfill to see if this is available. For example, the City of Yellowknife and the Town of Hay River operate electronics collection sites at their solid waste facilities. 
  • Bring your electronics to a depot in pilot project community if there is an opportunity; or
  • Store your electronics until the NWT-wide electronics recycling program is launched.