Electronics Refurbishment

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Who:        Smart Communities Society

Where:    Yellowknife

What:    The Computers for Schools project has expanded its electronic waste recycling program to NWT residents. The project refurbishes used electronics not collected through an NWT recycling program that would otherwise be discarded. Aboriginal, municipal and territorial governments, businesses and NWT residents can donate computer equipment and accessories they no longer need. The project aims to use parts from 1000 machines to create 500 modern, fully functional computers for use across the NWT. The unusable computer equipment will be recycled through the GNWT and City of Yellowknife electronic recycling programs. Computers for Schools provides training for youth and volunteers to refurbish the equipment and distribute it to schools, libraries and nonprofit organizations. The project provides an opportunity for youth to gain valuable technical work experience refurbishing computers. 

Target Material: Electronic Waste

WRRI Contribution: $25,000.00